Rack Install R51 Pathfinder STL (Models With Factory Rails)

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A Helping Hand Is Good For This Mod, Very Hard To Move Rack Yourself.

Parts Required :

1. Rack Of Choosing - I used the 4wd Super Center Flat Rack (gutter mount) for mine but its up to yourself what you use. 

2. M6 Bolts  - Spring Washers - Washers - Nyloc Nuts (size of bolts will vary rack to rack but i used 30mm m6 bolts for the angle bracket to STL Rail).

3. Paint if Cutting Angle Bracket  

Tools Required : 

1. Basic Spanner Set

2. Basic Socket Set

3. Grinder If Require Cutting 


Lets Do This :

To Start off with your going to have to go to your local Bunnings and get 2 lengths of the below angle, not all Bunnings have it and i had to wait a week for them to order it in. I suggest getting it the length that suits the full length of your rack and you can cut it down need be. I got ones that were the length of the rails only and it really needs to be extended the full length of the rack and i plan on doing so. While your at Bunnings get good amounts of bolts, nuts ect i think i got 20 of each but honestly cant hurt to get more and just keep them after.

Step 1: 

First up you want to remove the little plastic caps that cover the factory bolt points along the insides of your factory rails, These are very easy to remove and the turn anticlockwise like any other bolt. Ensure you remove all of them as all holes are used.

Step 2: 

Measure and cut if needed your angle brackets to your new rack you plan on installing. You want it to be full length of the rack to support the weight. Next step is to install the angle brackets on to your vehicle. Mount them as pictured bellow using a M6 Bolt with a washer and spring washer. You want to use as many of the factory bolt point as you can. Go along both side repeating the step and ensure they are tight as they are very hard to get to once your rack is on. *Note if you need to cut your angle bracket do it off the car and paint the cut after woods* 

Step 3: 

Place your rack on your roof, test you boot and ensure that it can open fully, i made it so my window and boot could both be fully open and up and not hit the rack, just in case. Line the rack up so it is in your desired position and proceed to bolt down again using M6 Bolts (longer ones as desired by yourself) and use spring washers and washers with a nylock nut. Do all bolts up so there is some movement so you can adjust the rack if required before tightening all nuts in there final position. 


This is a very simple mod and give a very low great looking rack that is fantastic alternative to the more expensive track mount systems out there. 

My rack has been on my personal vehicle well over 6 months and hasn’t budged, I’ve stuck multiple heavy items up there and haven’t had an issue.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. 

Hope this how to helped - these how to do instructional step by steps are for guidance only, i will not be held responsible if for any reason by following these steps you brake or damage any part or parts of or in your vehicle. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a pm on my facebook page. 

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