Jacks Rc Colorado

Posted by Kevin Svoboda on

Jacks Rc Colorado is well known to us with Jack being a good friend of Kevins. It came to us with very worn out and original suspension with over 200k on the vehilce. Jack was looking to upgrade the suspension and give his single cab more of a 4wd appeal and usability so we decided on a 2’’ 100-200kg Efs lift as he doesn’t carry weight very often. His kit included Front and Rear Efs Elite shocks, Rear Constant load springs, shackles, greaseable pins, U bolts and all supporting Hardware for the lift. We also helped Jack choose a suitable TYRE size and offset for his application in being he choose 265/75r16 and a pos20 offset rim. 

Not only did Kevin help Jack with his suspension he had some underlying egr issues so we diagnosed it for him as a faulty EGR unit, we replaced and fixed this issue. Jack also had a few other little issues that Kevin pointed out for Jack to sort out in the future. 

If you have any questions in regards to this setup or would like your rig to look as good as Jacks contact us here anytime.


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